Treatment Description

Exclusively painless, non-invasive medical treatment with the function of toning muscles and facilitating the reduction of body fat.

Allows you to treat multiple areas at the same time.

Every application induces muscle contractions producing an increase in the volume and tone of the
muscles and a reduction in the percentage of fat in the treated area.

Treatments Information

Muscle firming and toning that is localized or can be extended to multiple parts of the body
Reduction of fat above the treated muscles
Tissue firming
Muscle toning at any age without effort
Recommended for all those who are following a diet as it aligns with weight loss
Applicators of different sizes are positioned depending on the area to be treated
Multiple areas can be treated at the same time
Approximately 30 minutes which includes 3 phases:
warm-up, intensive training, cool-down
4/6 applications
1 application per week
After each session, you will feel the physical sensations typical of an intense workout, without pain

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