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Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, Non-Ablative Cosmetic Surgery, Alassio (Savona)


Our Concept of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

Our vision is to offer patients a full range of personalized, high-quality beauty treatments, with the aim of improving their physical appearance and self-confidence.

We are committed to providing a unique, safe and comfortable experience, using only the latest technologies and the most effective treatments available on the market.

Our goal is to slow down both organic and aesthetic ageing, through a series of actions aimed at taking care of the person globally.

Improve the level of psycho-physical well-being through the use of the most innovative Aesthetic Medicine therapies and the most advanced Wellness technologies.

The treatments are combined with personalized home cosmetic therapies.

We enjoy working closely with patients to understand their needs and aesthetic goals, creating a personalized treatment plan that fully meets individual needs.

We are committed to offering our patients all the information they need to make informed decisions about their health and appearance.

Carmen Maiellano



The beauty treatments provided are personalized, high quality and use the most recent and advanced technologies.


We guarantee the value of treatments in a safe, comfortable and hygienically excellent environment.


Dr. Maiellano offers qualified and certified consultancy in compliance with the utmost confidentiality.


Discover our Treatments

Facial Treatments

To improve the appearance of facial skin and reduce the signs of ageing, offering natural and long-lasting results.

Body Treatments

To combat skin ageing, laxity, stretch marks, sagging and localized adiposity.


The answers to your questions

The most common cosmetic medical treatments include Botox injections, facial rejuvenation fillers, laser skin treatments, non-surgical liposuction, and cellulite treatments.

The risks and side effects of aesthetic medicine treatments vary depending on the type of treatment and the person receiving it. In general, possible side effects include swelling, redness, pain, and infections. It is important to discuss possible risks with your doctor before undergoing any treatment.

Choosing a qualified aesthetic medicine doctor should be based on training, experience and references. It is important to find a doctor who is experienced in the treatment you wish to receive and who has a good reputation. Additionally, it is important to verify that the doctor has the necessary professional credentials and licenses.

The results of aesthetic medicine treatments vary depending on the type of treatment and the person receiving it. In general, aesthetic medical treatments can improve the appearance of the skin, reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing, and improve body shape. It is important to discuss expected results with your doctor before undergoing any treatment.

Yes, you may need to undergo more than one aesthetic medical treatment to achieve the desired results. This depends on the person and the skin or body condition you want to treat. Your doctor will be able to recommend the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired results.

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