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Non-Ablative Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine by Doctor Carmen Maiellano


Dr. Carmen Maiellano

Dr Carmen Maiellano is a Surgeon, who graduated in Surgical Medicine cum laude from La Sapienza University of Rome.

After graduating, she served at the hospitals of Albenga and Bordighera.

A doctor of continuity care for the ASL2, who has collaborated with various RSAs in the region.

She then received a diploma in Specific Training in General Medicine from the University of Genoa.

Her training in Aesthetic Medicine was gained from the four-year course at the Agorà school of Milan where she gained cum laude the title of Expert and Consultant of Medicine e Aesthetic Surgeon.

Results achieved (100/100) in University Masters of 1st level in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Genoa.

She regularly attends conferences and refresher courses in Italy and abroad, as shown by hernumerous qual;ifications and certificates.

Her training therefore guarantees a high level of professional competence continuously updated thanks to constant
improvement in the newest and most advanced professional technologies in the medical-aesthetic and regenerative medicine fields.

Dr. Carmen Maiellano

Dr. Carmen Maiellano



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