Treatment Description

A treatment based on botulinum toxin, which has the function of improving the quality of the skin by harmonizing the look.
It does not paralyze and does not diminish expressiveness.
Thanks to the relaxation produced by the toxin, the skin does not remain continuously contracted and takes on a more youthful appearance.
Wrinkles are reduced, and the face acquires a more harmonious appearance.
Collagen then undergoes a strong regenerative boost, which persists for several months and improves the firmness of the skin.
The treatment can be carried out in any season.
It is healing and aesthetic at the same time.

Treatments Information

Fine lines
Dull skin
Harmonization of the visage
15 minutes
2 times per year
Avoid sudden movements in the first hours after treatment
Visible after 2 days
After 15 days

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