Treatment Description

A treatment that is exclusively medical, certified, and effective for reshaping the body profile.

It consists of the introduction of purified carbon dioxide into the dermis or adipose tissue.
This spreads and is eliminated quickly, during which time, it induces a great amount of oxygenation, therefore it also improves the color and appearance of the skin.
Carbon dioxide also has the function of recanalizing the capillaries, reducing the stasis of the microcirculation which is the basis of the cellulite formation mechanism.

The improvement of vascularization also induces an increase in the metabolic activities of the tissues, improving their elasticity,
Therefore it is also suitable for the treatment of stretch marks and some dermatological diseases (psoriasis).
In sports medicine, it accelerates muscle recovery.

Treatments Information

Cellulite and localized adiposity
Heavy legs
Edema of the lower limbs
Stretch marks
Skin ulcers
Microinjections with purified carbon dioxide infusion
20 minutes
Up to 2 sessions per week as needed
Reduction of cellulite and localized fat with skin smoothing effect
Improved microcirculation with lighter-feeling legs
Reduction of edema of the lower limbs
Reduction of stretch marks with improvement in skin elasticity
Improvement of psoriasis lesions
Reduction of skin ulcers
Acceleration of muscle recovery in sports medicine
Tingling sensation
Mild redness
Slight pain upon application

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