Treatment Description

It is a new type of treatment created to correct fine lines, especially those around the eyes and lips and at the same time counteract skin dehydration.

Divided into 2 steps:

the 1st step uses a revitalizer with a booster effect, i.e. enhanced because it contains, in addition to free hyaluronic acid,
also a complex of amino acids and antioxidants (vitamin B6, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione and N acetylcysteine),
which counteract cellular oxidation.

The 2nd step sees the use of an “elastic filler” made up of very pure hyaluronic acid, the purest
among the existing ones, since it is the closest to the natural one produced by our own skin
which allows us to correct lines while maintaining the result both at rest and during facial movements.

Treatments Information

Fine lines around the eyes and lips
Dehydration of the skin (at the change of season)
Refreshing at the change of season
Micro injections
Application of a decongestant mask
20/30 minutes + application of a soothing and decongestant mask
2 treatments per year: Spring and Autumn
Photoprotection when at home
Visible within a week
1 month after the 2nd session

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