Treatment Description

A personalized effective treatment for draining stagnated liquid, reducing localized fatty deposits and toning the surface skin tissue through a micro-needle infusion of a cocktail of pharmacological and/or homoeopathic substances designed according to the patient’s needs.
According to indications by the l’associazione con la Carbossiterapia.

Treatments Information

Cellulite and localized adiposity
Heavy legs
Edema of the lower limbs
Stretch marks
Skin ulcers
Microinjections into the dermis with a short, very thin needle.
15 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.
Once a week for 6 weeks on average.
Avoid sun exposure on the day of treatment.
Reduction of cellulite and localized fat with smooth skin effect
Improved microcirculation with lighter-feeling legs
Reduction of edema of the lower limbs
Reduction of stretch marks with improvement in skin elasticity
Improvement of psoriasis lesions
Reduction of skin ulcers
Acceleration of muscle recovery in sports medicine
15 days after the end of the treatment cycle.

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