Monodermà HA Laser

Treatment Description

A latest-generation revitalizer, the most innovative and effective in counteracting the ageing of collagen and elastic fibers.

Contains linear HYALURONIC ACID, free of chemical substances (potentially allergenic) plus VITAMINS: A, C and E

It is applied through superficial skin MICRO INJECTIONS followed by the application of a three-wavelength LASER which generates a rapid hydration, biostimulation and biorestructuring response in the tissues.

The action of the laser leads to the formation of bonds between the endogenous hyaluronic acid (of your own skin) and the injected one, without the use of chemical substances. Furthermore, these bonds are stronger and more persistent than those of products used with traditional biostimulation methods.

Treatments Information

Dull and pallid skin
Sun damaged skin
Face, neck, décolleté, hands
Arms, legs, abdomen
Microinjections plus laser device application
20 minutes
3 sessions 3 weeks apart
None, the treatment can also be carried out in the summer months
Brighter, hydrated, toned and firm skin
Not necessary

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