With suspension and traction wires

Treatment Description

It is an innovative treatment used over the course of a few years to redesign the oval of the face without the need for a scalpel.
After a light local anaesthesia, a wire is introduced equipped with anchoring and suspension cones which exert upward traction on the parts of the face most subject to sagging.
A truly dynamic facelift.

The inserted threads perform a dual action of:
Suspension (lifting) and Redistribution of the tissues upwards which results in a stimulation of collagen proliferation and the relaxation of wrinkles on the surface.

These are medical devices already widely used in cardiovascular and pediatric surgery, based on polyactic acid and glycolic acid.

They are completely absorbable.
The procedure is non-invasive and is applied on an outpatient basis.

Treatments Information

Sagging of the face and neck
Insertion with needles of bidirectional traction threads equipped with anchoring cones
30 minutes
18 months
Avoid contact sports for 1 month and exposure to direct or intense sunlight
Immediate correction. Small bruising and swelling may appear but will subside within a week
1st check: After 10 days
2nd check: 1 month

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