Personalized systemic ozone therapy

Treatment Description

An innovative infusion therapy, that is the cornerstone of regenerative medicine – aimed at optimizing the state of HEALTH and WELL-BEING, the prevention of diseases related to AGEING and the treatment of CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES such as arthritis, arthrosis, herpes, chronic pain, headaches, hernias discs, lumbar and cervical pain, colitis, irritable colon, chronic inflammatory pathologies and metabolic disorders

It works by reducing CHRONIC INFLAMAGING, that state of silent inflammation which is the basis of the development of chronic pathologies.

Ozone has an effect of ENHANCEMENT of the state of health, it improves the functioning of organs and tissues through their OXYGENATION and therefore without drugs.

It is a safe treatment, which does not cause allergic reactions or side effects and can be combined with traditional treatments.


  • Immunobooster (stimulates the immune system)
  • Virucidal bactericide (kills bacteria and viruses)
  • Anti-inflammatory (with pain-relieving action)
  • Increases energy and resistance to effort

Treatments Information

Psychophysical fatigue
Chronic pain
Herniated discs
Lumbar and neck pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic inflammatory diseases
Dysmetabolism syndrome
Intravenous infusion or rectal insufflation
From 15/30 minutes
1 session per week for 6/8 weeks
Medical Visit
Very pleasant, followed by improvement in physical performance, mood, sleep quality and skin texture
1 time per year

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