Active Regeneration AMT

Autologous and homologous regenerative medical treatment from your own cells

Treatment Description

An INNOVATIVE REGENERATIVE TECHNIQUE that is simple and effective which uses autologous micro-grafts (from your own skin) to REGENERATE DAMAGED (ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA) or simply AGED TISSUE (skin rejuvenation).

The new frontiers of Regenerative Medicine involve the increasingly limited use of potentially allergenic drugs and substances of synthetic origin, in favor of regenerative biological methods.

The TECHNIQUE makes use of a disposable medical device capable of taking HIGH-VITALITY cells and GROWTH FACTORS from our tissue which are immediately reinjected into the patient, at the level of the areas that most need regeneration (SCALP, FACIAL SKIN, NECK, DECOLLETE).

The patient is at the same time the DONOR and RECIPIENT.

Treatments Information

Androgenetic alopecia
Small skin biopsy to collect tissue rich in active substances
Dilution and regrafting in the desired location
About 1 hour
1 time per year
Medical Visit
Gradual improvement of the treated area (skin) and gradual recovery of the activity of the hair follicles
1 year

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