Treatment Description

Set of treatments aimed at rejuvenating and improving the quality of the skin.

It includes a series of outpatient treatments ranging from correct deep cleansing to the care of different skin types, followed by home treatments that will be delivered to the patient at the end of the chosen medical procedure.

The therapies are extremely personalized and followed over time

The “ad personam” protocols include:

  • Superficial and deep revitalization;
  • Hydration;
  • Exfoliation (when necessary);
  • Home care.

Treatments Information

The young skin of a patient who wants to start early to fight ageing
Skin aged by time (CHRONOAGEING)
Aged skin from prolonged exposure to the sun (PHOTOAGEING)
Dependent on the established post-visit protocol
30 to 45 minutes
Variable according to needs, on average 3/5 sessions
Brighter and more toned skin

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